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A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.

The Sword and the Song Published October 18, 2022
FINALLY. I spent eleven years working on this book. It evolved from a children’s picture book into this 580 page epic. As it morphed into this final product, I wrote and published The Sword and the Boy —The Legend of Jeres-thin, the five westerns, and Aliens, God and the Bible. An intimate love affair would describe the process well, because I read and re-read the novel countless times. But like in painting, at some point you have to say enough is enough and let it go. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Available in paperback and Kindle — AMAZON Although this is Book 2 of The Sword of Anatolia series, you can read it first without a problem.

After his defeat by Jeres-thin, Pharaoh Sneferu was imprisoned in the red pyramid for over two hundred years. But during that time, he worked out a scheme to return with a new weapon, but also with agents in different parts of the country, working on his behalf. Now he is back. He has simple goals: to conquer the plateau, then the planet, then the galaxy, and then the universe. His weapon this time – sand, turning the world into a desert wasteland. Once again, seemingly insignificant, harmless, and even fearful people step forward, hoping to make a difference and defeat their ancient foe and save their world.

A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.

DEATH IS A GUNFIGHTER Published May 1, 2022
When Civil War veteran, James McKay, returns home after the cattle drive and an epic battle with a prehistoric bear, he discovers that his beloved wife, Peggy, had just died of a heart condition, a few months after giving birth to their son. In his despair, he rides away with no particular destination in mind. Not long after, he comes upon a small wagon train under attack by a Cheyenne raiding party. He rescues a thirteen-year-old boy from a burning wagon, who seems to be in the middle of events, and becomes embroiled in a robbery with a half million dollars at stake. All events eventually lead to a small town on the Santa Fe Trail. From there the bullets fly and the story takes an unexpected turn. As James tries to ride home, he finds himself in one gunfight after another, and people learn to fear him. Because he is Death, and he is the Gunfighter. AMAZON

A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.

The Sword and the Boy is the first novel in The Sword of Anatolia Trilogy. Click here to go to the webpage.

All westerns available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle, and via Apple and Nook.

A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.

The McKay Family Saga–Book 1
Published April 2020

Because of their deadly streak of kills—particularly against officers–the Union Army put a bounty on bushwhackers (sharpshooters/snipers) to be shot on sight, including any people foolish enough to help or support them in any way. Based on suspicion alone, a Union cavalry patrol invades the McKay plantation, looking for bushwhackers. While the boys are out practicing their sharpshooting skills, the patrol kills their whole family. When they come home to burning buildings and the horrors of war, the mantel of avengers falls upon their shoulders. With their newfound sharpshooter skills, they protect western North Carolina and surrounding territories from outlaws, raiders, and Union forces until the end of the war. But when the war ends, the Union Army does not remove the bounty’s on their heads. AMAZON :: APPLE :: NOOK

A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.

The McKay Family Saga–Book 2
Published May 2020

The rangers flee North Carolina with the Union Army hot on their trail. Although the war officially ended, the McKay Rangers could not stay in North Carolina, because the Union Army decided to keep the $10,000 bounty on all bushwhackers. They packed up five large wagons, married their sweethearts, and left on a bright Sunday morning. A few days later, they came up to the Green River—the southern border of North Carolina. The cavalry platoon tasked with border security was led by a familiar lieutenant—one missing his front teeth. Almost two weeks after the wagons slipped by, he finally realized that the man who had broken his mouth and humiliated him, had slipped through his grasp. Vengeance rose up in his heart like a tidal wave, with the blinding need to find and murder that vicious creature. The Union Army empowered him with a promotion, a few troopers, and the authority to pursue the rangers to the gates of hell, if necessary, taking them dead or alive. How does a wagon train of five slow wagons escape the efforts of the mighty Union Army to bring down a terrible and swift vengeance? Then again, would the Union Army survive, if they cornered the deadly mother grizzlies protecting their cubs?
Death is a Vengeance is dedicated to all people who flee tyranny and injustice. May God lead them into lush green pastures, beside still cool waters—for His Name’s sake. Amen.

A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.

The McKay Family Saga–Book 3
Published October 2020

After the Civil War, the McKay Rangers flee Ashley, North Carolina and settle in Texas. They purchase land and gather wild longhorns for one of the first cattle drives to Denver. A stage holdup outside Austin disturbs the local judge, who dispatches Deputy U.S. Marshal Henry McKay to investigate and apprehend the criminals. Although Henry does not catch the bandits, he does find important clues and speculates on how the bandit leader escaped the area. The ranch foreman, Alberto, had hoped the Don’s grandson, Robert, would die in the distant war. He resents Robert, because the Don put him in charge of the vast Rancho when he returned, demoting Alberto. Alberto enlists his half-brother’s help in a scheme to get the herd back and murder the cowboys, so he can become the new Don. When the herd arrives in Denver, the cattle drive and stage hold up and Alberto’s betrayal finally converge in a saloon gun battle. But the gambler is just getting started.

A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.

The McKay Family Saga–Book 4

Published March 2020
Death is a Grizzly is a western novel with adventure, gun battles, attacking Indians, and revenge borne of rage and helplessness. The great bear—an ancient species related to the Kodiak grizzly—is wounded by a Cheyenne youth, the long arrowhead penetrating deep into his skull, but not quite enough to kill. The resulting infection drives him into a man-eating machine. During the cattle drive, the bear kills and eats some cattle. When the vaqueros go back to rope the bear, it kills and eats them also. Bent on revenge, the cowboys sell the herd in Denver, then hunt the bear and set traps. But the bear is smart and begins to hunt them. Although the cowboys are well-armed and motivated, when the thunderstorm moves in after sunset, Mother Nature levels the playing field and the carnage begins.

A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.
A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.
A painting of a cat curled up in the snow.
A book cover with an open bible in front of the word god.

ALIENS, GOD and the BIBLE (2018, Schiffer Publishing, Pennsylvania) The bible describes a great starship called the New Jerusalem – 1,380 miles to a side – on its way to Earth: Learn about the size, composition, method of travel, possible purposes, and most importantly, when it will arrive. The ship arrives at the end of a great war between ancient alien factions: Discover who they are, where they came from, their future plans, and the important role of humans caught in the middle of a life or death conflict. Along the way, we will delve into unsolved bible mysteries, the nature of the universe, evolution, and the important role of Adam and Eve.  

A book about the old times, gathering over jerusalem.

GATHERING OVER JERUSALEM – a book about the end times (2003) Xulon Press. When is Jesus coming back? For over 2,000 years we have heard people shouting on the street corner that Jesus is coming soon. Is it possible that something has changed and he might actually come back soon? I start off by explaining how we are indeed in the last times and that Jesus will return, in the Second Coming, in our lifetime! Exciting. And if that is true, it will inform everything you do and the decisions you will make. It will also make you more aware of current events leading up to the end times, because then you will know how they will affect your personally. Purchase from

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LEADERSHIP PARADIGMS IN LEADERSHIP My 2007 doctoral dissertation speaks about the leadership challenges facing a group of people whose primary purpose is to be loving, open, forgiving, compassionate, and a healing presence to others in tough situations. The personality type drawn to healing ministry seldom makes a good transition to leader of the hospital or hospice Spiritual Care Department. These aspiring leaders often lack the business skills and business people skills and training necessary to lead effectively. The book is divided into three sections: The history of chaplaincy from a leadership perspective, general chaplaincy leadership issues, then relevant issues and the work of chaplains as related to leadership. Order from

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GNOME FAMILY TALES – A New Home (1996) 36 pages long, fully illustrated by me in watercolor. It is about a gnome family that loses their tree home in a storm and has to move. With the help of family and friends, they find a new home and get moved in.
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