OREO 16×20 Oil
Private Collection

Completed Oct 2021
Oreo died of old age in Oct 2020. She lived in the back room of the Farm House Vet Clinic, Olympia. She would come out and sit in the waiting room with us.

RJ 16×20 Oil
private collection

As you can tell by RJ’s face, he is an intense duck hunting Labradoodle — Blind 2 at Hog Island Duck Club, Alpaugh, California on the last weekend in October 2012. One challenge in this painting was to ensure he looked wet.

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I paint portraits, pets, still lifes, and landscapes at $18 per square inch. A 24×18 inch painting would run $7,776 + tax. If you would like to commission an oil painting, please contact me at joelcgraves@gmail.com. Occasionally, I run seasonal discounts.
For close up of any image, press the Control (CTRL key) then the + plus key. To reduce, use CTRL and the – minus key.

Bella and Marley
16×20 Oil
Private Collection

October 2020
A pair of rambucious and adorable pets. Bella looks white, but she is anything but…there is actually very little true white in this painting.

ATHENA 16×20 Watercolor
private collection

Athena was a German born German shepherd and beloved pet of the family. She died and they asked me to paint this picture with cameos.

private collection

After the morning hunt –8 December 2012–at Hog Island Duck Club. Keith and Aim are inseparable.

private collection

Standing there drinking his Corona with a far away look in his eyes.

LAMB OF GOD 16×20 Oil

Prints available $500

This is a copy of 1635 painting by Madrid artist Francisco de Zurbaran called the Agnes Dei. I was greatly moved when I saw this painting in a book and knew I had to paint it myself. But in the painting of it, I added two portraits of Jesus. What is interesting about this, is that you only see the sheep when looking at the painting, but once you see Jesus Christ, you can never look at it again and just see the sheep. In this way, the painting is a metaphor for how God sees us – once we accept Jesus as our Good Shepherd (John 10), then God always sees us through Jesus. And if our lives are changed by our belief, then people will not see just us anymore, but hopefully, Jesus too. The floor is made up of red boards to symbolize the shed blood of Christ, “Like a lamb that is led to the slaughter…” Isaiah 53:7.

Private Collection

I love doing these Indian Corn paintings. The painting can be hung horizontally or vertically, depending on decorating preferences. In the close up, note the detail – each kernel of corn is actually multiple layers of oil paint applied the way a watercolor is painted.
If you would like an original Indian Corn painting, please let me know. I can customize the background and overall color scheme of the kernels – $12,450.

Private Collection

Alpaugh, California.

My first barn logo. The hardest part was standing on the ladders for long periods of time–feet ached. After the morning duck hunt, we would all stand in front of the barn for pictures. Before I painted the barn, we held up a simple sign, as in photo below.

PELICAN 48×48 Oil

private collection

Pelican’s are so common in Florida that they seem half tamed. When they fly, they remind me of a prehistoric bird, like a pterodactyl, skimming the water in search of a meal.


$12,960 – free shipping

Lynx and ptarmigan on Mount Rainier.
As you can see in the close up, I wanted to capture the intensity of the lynx’s eyes.