The Sword and the Song Published October 18, 2022
FINALLY. I spent eleven years working on this book. It evolved from a children’s picture book into this 580 page epic. As it morphed into this final product, I wrote and published The Sword and the Boy —The Legend of Jeres-thin, the five westerns, and Aliens, God and the Bible. An intimate love affair would describe the process well, because I read and re-read the novel countless times. But like in painting, at some point you have to say enough is enough and let it go. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Available in paperback and Kindle — AMAZON Although this is Book 2 of The Sword of Anatolia series, you can read it first without a problem.

After his defeat by Jeres-thin, Pharaoh Sneferu was imprisoned in the red pyramid for over two hundred years. But during that time, he worked out a scheme to return with a new weapon, but also with agents in different parts of the country, working on his behalf. Now he is back. He has simple goals: to conquer the plateau, then the planet, then the galaxy, and then the universe. His weapon this time – sand, turning the world into a desert wasteland. Once again, seemingly insignificant, harmless, and even fearful people step forward, hoping to make a difference and defeat their ancient foe and save their world.

When Civil War veteran, James McKay, returns home after the cattle drive and an epic battle with a prehistoric bear, he discovers that his beloved wife, Peggy, had just died of a heart condition, a few months after giving birth to their son. In his despair, he rides away with no particular destination in mind. Not long after, he comes upon a small wagon train under attack by a Cheyenne raiding party. He rescues a thirteen-year-old boy from a burning wagon, who seems to be in the middle of events, and becomes embroiled in a robbery with a half million dollars at stake. All events eventually lead to a small town on the Santa Fe Trail. From there the bullets fly and the story takes an unexpected turn. As James tries to ride home, he finds himself in one gunfight after another, and people learn to fear him. Because he is Death, and he is the Gunfighter. AMAZON

The epic fantasy adventure is finally here. I’ve been working on this trilogy for ten years (the next book–The Sword and the Song–will come in November 2022). If you are a fan of C.S. Lewis and the Narnia series, I think you will enjoy this. I repurposed the story of King David, the unlikely young boy who defied Goliath. The Sword and The Boy webpage.
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I have tried to write in the spirit of Louis L’Amour, where real places and events are mentioned with characters struggling valiantly to do the right thing under hard to extreme conditions. Four books are available: Death is a Sharpshooter, Death is a Vengeance, Death is a Gambler, and Death is a Grizzly. Death is a Gunfighter is in production. Click on BOOKS above to view and purchase.