Part Four of the McKay Saga. After they deliver the cattle to the buyer in Denver, they start home. They enter the bear’s territory and set out to find and kill the bear. But the creature is elusive and highly intelligent. It is the last of its kind, an ancient creature related to the Kodiak bear of Alaska, but much larger. The Cheyenne learned to avoid the creature. But the cowboys are bent on revenge. Despite an Indian attack, they persist. But when a storm descends on the cowboys, the bear attacks. And all hell breaks loose.

PURCHASE FROM AMAZON – Kindle & Paperback

DEATH IS A SHARPSHOOTER – Part One of the McKay Saga
Because of their deadly streak of kills—particularly against officers–the Union Army put a bounty on bushwhackers (sharpshooters/snipers) to be shot on sight, including any people foolish enough to help or support them in any way. Based on suspicion alone, a Union cavalry patrol invades the McKay plantation, looking for bushwhackers. While the boys are out practicing their sharpshooting skills, the patrol kills their whole family. When they come home to burning buildings and the horrors of war, the mantel of avengers falls upon their shoulders. With their newfound sharpshooter skills, they protect western North Carolina and surrounding territories from outlaws, raiders, and Union forces until the end of the war. But when the war ends, the Union Army does not remove the bounty’s on their heads. They are forced to flee, which leads into the sequel.

ALIENS, GOD and the BIBLE (2018, Schiffer Publishing, Pennsylvania) The bible describes a great starship called the New Jerusalem – 1,380 miles to a side – on its way to Earth: Learn about the size, composition, method of travel, possible purposes, and most importantly, when it will arrive. The ship arrives at the end of a great war between ancient alien factions: Discover who they are, where they came from, their future plans, and the important role of humans caught in the middle of a life or death conflict. Along the way, we will delve into unsolved bible mysteries, the nature of the universe, evolution, and the important role of Adam and Eve.   GO TO WEBPAGE

GATHERING OVER JERUSALEM – a book about the end times (2003) Xulon Press. When is Jesus coming back? For over 2,000 years we have heard people shouting on the street corner that Jesus is coming soon. Is it possible that something has changed and he might actually come back soon? I start off by explaining how we are indeed in the last times and that Jesus will return, in the Second Coming, in our lifetime! Exciting. And if that is true, it will inform everything you do and the decisions you will make. It will also make you more aware of current events leading up to the end times, because then you will know how they will affect your personally. Purchase from

LEADERSHIP PARADIGMS IN LEADERSHIP. My 2007 doctoral dissertation speaks about the leadership challenges facing a group of people whose primary purpose is to be loving, open, forgiving, compassionate, and a healing presence to others in tough situations. The personality type drawn to healing ministry seldom makes a good transition to leader of the hospital or hospice Spiritual Care Department. These aspiring leaders often lack the business skills and business people skills and training necessary to lead effectively. The book is divided into three sections: The history of chaplaincy from a leadership perspective, general chaplaincy leadership issues, then relevant issues and the work of chaplains as related to leadership. Order from

GNOME FAMILY TALES – A New Home (1996) 36 pages long, fully illustrated by me in watercolor. It is about a gnome family that loses their tree home in a storm and has to move. With the help of family and friends, they find a new home and get moved in.
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THE LEGEND OF JERES-THIN–Part One of the Smoke and the Song trilogy – 120,000 words, primary audience Middle School to Young Adult – is the first story about the land of Mook Ma Sha. In the spirit of the C.S. Lewis and his Narnia series, a creature like Aslan, the great lion, guides humans and talking creatures as an ancient foe seeks to take over the land in the first step to ruling the planet and then the universe. In a story similar to the biblical King David, a very unlikely young person–Jeres-thin–is chosen to lead the forces of Mook Ma Sha, as they battle the evil Pharaoh.

THE SWORD AND THE SONG–Part Two – 120,000 words. In this story, after almost three hundred years, the Pharaoh returns, more angry and vengeful than before. A new hero reluctantly takes the lead to fight the Pharaoh and his new horde of evil forces.

THE SWORD AND THE SMOKE–Part Three – 110,000 words. In this story, planet Earth is pulled into the conflict. Young humans, the descents of the Mook, work and fight with intelligent animals to finally defeat the Pharaoh to save Mook Ma Sha and Earth..