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LAMB OF GOD 16x20 Oil

This is a copy of 1635 painting by Madrid
artist Francisco de Zurbaran called the Agnes Dei.
     I was greatly moved when I saw this painting in a book and knew I had to paint it myself. But in the painting of it, I added two portraits of Jesus. What is interesting about this, is that you only see the sheep when looking at the painting, but once you see Jesus Christ, you can never look at it again and just see the sheep. In this way, the painting is a metaphor for how God sees us - once we accept Jesus as our Good Shepherd (John 10), then God always sees us through Jesus. And if our lives are changed by our belief, then people will not see just us anymore, but hopefully, Jesus too. The floor is made up of red boards to symbolize the shed blood of Christ, "Like a lamb that is led to the slaughter..." Isaiah 53:7.

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