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DEATH IS A GAMBLER — The McKay Family Saga–Book Three.
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After the Civil War, the McKay Rangers settle in Texas, purchase land and gather wild longhorns for one of the first cattle drives to Denver. Meanwhile, a stage holdup outside Austin disturbs the local judge, who dispatches Deputy U.S. Marshal Henry McKay to investigate and apprehend the criminals. Although Henry does not catch the bandits, he does find important clues and speculates on how the bandit leader escaped. The ranch foreman, Alberto, had hoped that Don Pedro Garcia’s grandson would die in the distant war. He resents Robert, because the Don put him in charge of the vast Rancho when he returned. Alberto enlists his half-brother’s help in a scheme to get the herd back and murder the cowboys, so he can become the new Don. When the herd arrives in Denver, the cattle drive and stage hold up and Alberto’s betrayal finally converge in a saloon gun battle. But the gambler is just getting started.
Death is a Gambler completes the four book set–at this time, because
DEATH IS A GUNFIGHTER is in production. Yeah, I’m writing it.

DEATH IS A VENGEANCE — The McKay Family Saga –Book Two.
Picks up right where Sharpshooter ends. They cross the Green River on the way to Texas and meet a lieutenant missing his front teeth. After a week, the lieutenant discovers that the McKay Rangers slipped through his fingers. The Union Army promotes him, gives him some troopers, and commissions him to capture or kill the rangers.
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DEATH IS A SHARPSHOOTER — The McKay Family Saga — Book One.
If you liked Death is a Grizzly, then learn the backstory about how the story started. When the Union troopers murdered their family, their sharpshooter skills demanded a response.
From the beginning, my working copy of the book was called The Squirrel Hunters. For those of you who have read the book, you’ll know why. The idea was that their squirrel hunting skills translated directly across to their sharpshooting.
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DEATH IS A GRIZZLY – the McKay Family Saga–Book Four.

Although this is the fourth book in the series, it was published first. In Book 3–Death is a Gambler–a large bear kills some cattle during the cattle drive. Then two vaqueros go back to rope the beast, only to be destroyed. The cowboys vow to return and kill the bear after they sell the herd in Denver. So Death is a Grizzly picks up as they hunt the bear. The only problem is that this bear is ancient, scary smart, and suffering from a near-fatal head wound–yeah, he’s crazy, mean, and hungry for human meat. Think Cujo — 15 feet tall and 2,500 pounds and the movie The Edge. Who’s hunting whom?
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